The Toyota style is not to create results by working hard. It is a system that says there is no limit to people’s creativity. People don’t go to Toyota to “work,” they go there to “think.”

—Taiichi Ohno

Getting The Most of Slack Free Plan


So you are using Slack for your company. You started with Free Plan and had many channels for your projects and started to reach the limit of 10K messages, here you are some tips to get more out of the free plan:

  1. Try to avoid hitting enter after each line you write, instead write all lines you want to say in one message (use shift+enter). That way number of messages is minimized.
  2. Create a team for each project, that way you virtually multiply your 10K messages limit by number of projects you have. Of course you may need one team or more for internal company matters. Don’t worry switching between teams is very easy.
  3. If you already have channel for each project in one team you can export them and import them to each project team.


Enjoy Slacking…

Why Facebook Acquired Parse.com and Why it shoot it down.


Facebook likes moving fast and breaking things. Back in 2013 Facebook Mobile apps were really lagging. Acquiring Parse was the right step to help Facebook make their mobile apps awesome.
Today at 2016 and after Facebook had made a quite successful quarter (2105 Q4), generating a lot of revenue from ads on mobile. Now they just want to shut Parse down as they are done with it, to focus on their core business as they claim and may be to stop any one from building successful mobile apps more easily (Enough with WhatsApp, Instagram and alike apps – It should be just Facebook apps).

Actually Parse and Facebook were never made for each other, while the later company moves fast and break things generating ugly Facebook APIs and bugs, …
Parse have always been moving slowly and surely (like Apple), adding stable features and beautiful APIs. And may be that’s why Parse CEO left Facebook Last year.

Parse.com Shutdown, Don’t Panic…


So most of you heard that Facebook is shutting down Parse.com. The famous BaaS which has over 600,000 apps depending on it, is now being killed by Facebook. (FB has bought it 2013 at $85 Million).
Personally, I (along with others) have been using Parse.com in several apps. It was cheap, easy to build upon, maintain and provides much faster time to market.

Now, after the Shutdown, should we panic? Absolutely, No
Here you are why?

  1. Other BaaS Giants (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google FireBase, …) will make their best to compete on getting you and other 600,000 app developers on board.
  2. New startups will emerge filling the gap that Parse.com has left, one example is ParseHosting.com
  3. Parse.com is still live for over 1 Full year and you very enough time to decide what to do and the options are many and I expect options and ease of migration tools will evolve in the next 2-3 months.


  1. Don’t migrate now and wait 2-3 months, you will have many better options to choose from.
  2. Keep an eye of Parse and other BaaS announcements.
  3. Always backup your data, on a regular basis.

An old question is raised again. Should I depend on BaaS again given that they may shutdown at anytime?

The Answer is: “it depends”

  • If you are building an MVP and need fast TTM (time to market), and you found a stable BaaS that covers your needs with clean APIs and easy to export tools, then the answer is Yes.
  • Otherwise it is No.


So why did Facebook bought Parse.com and why did it shut it down?
You can find the answer in the next post.

Web Servers get ready for Swift. It is Open Source now..

Apple kept its promise to Open Source Swift Language and the dream for a fast, native and easy to develop Swift web framework is coming true.
This is the date that will change the future of web development in the same way the iPhone changed the future of phones.
Watch for swift for web frameworks and other (non-mobile) systems …
And here is the first one